Our Services


We are principally a production company that produces our proprietary content, but are also well positioned to work with other production companies from other jurisdictions under the auspices of International Co-Productions or CRTC Co-Ventures.

The former stipulates that Canadian and foreign producers, jointly produce content, each contributing creatively, technically and financially to the project. These productions enjoy national status in each country and are an excellent way of scaling up global resonance for outputs from such partnerships. International treaty co-productions must be approved by Telefilm Canada and the recognized authority in any of the 60 partnering countries with which Canada currently has co-production agreements.

On the other hand, we are also able to facilitate CRTC Co-Ventures with producers from a country with which Canada has no official co-production treaty under the auspices of a CRTC-certified co-venture. These productions don’t qualify for Canadian-content tax credits, but do qualify for production services tax credit and are classified as “Canadian content” for domestic broadcast purposes. In this scenario, as a recognised Canadian producer participating in a co-venture, we must have equal decision-making responsibility and retain 50% share of investment and profits, while the foreign producer can own 100% of copyright.


We have a partnership with the leading post-production studio in Toronto, as sales agents for Africa, and are able to facilitate turn-key post-production services covering:

Sound: Project Evaluation; Music Supervision; Editorial & Design; Broadcast Theatrical & Digital; ADR & Voice-Over; Dolby™, Imax™ & Thx Mixing; Quality Assessment; Down & Up-Mixing; and Foley.

Picture: Colour Correction; Digital & Tape; Packaging; Off-Line / On-Line Editing; Graphics & Titles; Blu-Ray, DVD, DCP Authoring; Edit Suite Rental; Animation & Design; and VFX.

Development Communications

We believe that with the right story, small businesses and non-profit brands can make an authentic connection with their publics that advances their corporate objectives.  We have expertise in Development Communications that helps non-profits provide accounts of stewardship and progress with emotive content, and also helps small businesses amplify their brand offerings in a most cost-effective yet impactful way.